What is ruby rails on development?

There is no way you can define Ruby on Rails development before first understanding what Rails is. Rails is a tool web developers use to provide a structure for the code they write. Through the Rails framework, we are able to easily build applications and websites. It is a tool that helps us simplify common repetitive tasks. Software consultancy can be beneficial.

Ruby is a programming language in which Rails is written. At Green Gorilla Apps, we use Ruby alongside Rails. As a rule, these two must just go together. Like other developers, we love Ruby because of its elegance and terse language.

Ruby on Rails development works on the principle of convention over configuration. As programmers, we don’t have to spend a lot of time configuring files to set up applications and websites. Ruby on rails has in-built conventions that help speed up the development process.

As people who dabble in Ruby on Rails Development, we usually advocate for Agile Web Development. In this iterative development method, we have a flexible and collaborative approach to web development. This method is better used for web applications with fast-changing requirements.

If you haven’t jumped onto the Ruby on Rails development method, you are missing out on a lot. Why don’t you do it now?

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